Painted Hill!

Location: Carrizo Plains National Monument 
Time: Midday 
EXIF: Canon EOS 7D | EF 24-105mm f/4 IS USM | 65mm | f/16 | 1/200s | ISO 100

I have already written about my trip to Carrizo Plains National Monument. So, I won’t go into the details of the trip in this post. All I can say is that this place is truly one of a kind. I have never seen anything like this. Wildflowers as far as the eye can see; basically blanket of wildflowers hugging the entire landscape.

Before heading out there, I did some research and learnt that Carrizo Plain National Monument is the largest single native grassland remaining in California. It is listed as a Historic Place in National Register. It is also designated as a National Historic Landmark. One of the things California is infamous is for earthquakes. The San Andreas Fault runs through Carrizo.

I really wish I made multiple trips to Carrizo this year and more importantly, I went a few weeks or even a few before I did. When I went, we mostly saw yellow flowers. A few or two earlier, I would have seen all sorts of colors. Nevertheless, the place was still very beautiful. An afternoon is just not enough.

One of the places we spent a lot of time was this hiking trail that, for the life of me, I can’t seem to remember the name of. Anyways, we got to this hiking trail and by just walking 200 yards, we had outstanding views. Entire hill painted with wildflowers. We took several shots from there and started the hike up. At that point, I didn’t quite realize how much hiking we were going to do. We kept hiking up and stopping where we felt like to take photos. Every direction we turn was beautiful so we stopped quite a bit to take photos.

At some point, half the group (from meetup) decided to not hike anymore. Several of us decided to follow the meetup leader and kept hiking up. At some point, we all decided to turn back as we wanted to catch the Sunset, which was literally happening on the other side.

From where we started to where we ended up, I must have taken several hundred shots. To be honest, I have no idea where this particular shot was taken. All I know is it’s a 3 shot HDR blend.

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