Week 24 – Contrasting Colors

The 24th Challenge in my 52 Week Landscape Composition Photo Challenge is ‘Contrasting Colors’. One of the first things I learned during my research into Photography Color wheel is that colors opposite to each other are called ‘Complementary’ Colors and colors next to each other in the color wheel are called ‘Analogous’ Colors.

The challenge for last week was to shoot a scene with complementary colors. As part of the write-up for that challenge, I went into details about the Photography Color Wheel so I am not going to go into the same details here. The goal for this week is to do the opposite; meaning, shoot a scene with analogous colors.

I have already mentioned that Analogous colors are located next to each other on the color wheel. Which means that Orange/Yellow colors are analogous and so are blue/purple. I mentioned in my previous post that complementing colors bring contrast to an image and make it dynamic. Analogous colors, on the other hand, have the opposite effect. Meaning, analogous colors create a more soothing look; it can give photographs flow, harmony and an easy to understand color theme.

I was looking for an opportunity to shoot a landscape with analogous colors. Many of the posts that I read online about Analogous colors had Sunflower as an example. I knew my photography friends have been talking about heading to Davis area to shoot the Sunflower fields. So, I was waiting for that to happen.

The opportunity presented itself and I jumped on it. Going in, we knew that there would be no clouds and the sky would be colorful but we still wanted to head out before the Sunflowers season ended. The moment I saw the first Sunflower field I immediately realized why they are used time and again as an example for analogous colors. The yellow flower with green leaves work really well together.

Similar to complementary colors, analogous colors can be found plenty in nature. Now that I know what complementary and analogous colors are, I am going to consciously look for more of these color combinations to create unique perspectives.


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