Sunset Splash!

Location: Beach Hollow State Beach, Pescadero 
Time: Golden Hour
EXIF: Canon EOS 7D | EF 16-35mm f/2.8L IS USM | 19mm | f/16 | 1/250s | ISO 100

I have been meaning to visit Bean Hollow Beach for a while but never got a chance. The opportunity presented itself when Pescadero came up as one of the favored areas for Sunset. What a friend and I decided to do was to hit several spots before settling down in a place for Sunset. We went to Gray Hound Rock Beach, which was purely a scouting exercise. That’s a beach I’d love to go back to for Sunrise, Sunset, or even MW.

One of the stops was Bean Hollow Beach, which is north of Pigeon Point Lighthouse. When we went there, the Sun was still pretty high up. We already started seeing colors so we were hoping that it will be a good Sunset. Apparently, there are two entrances for Bean Hollow Beach, which are a few miles apart. The first spot we stopped wasn’t what we had in mind when we thought about Bean Hollow Beach.

We got down to the beach to explore and I started taking some test shots. As I was taking some test shots, waves stared crashing in one of the small sea stacks. I wanted to capture the crashing waves but was struggling with the comp. I then decided to line up the setting Sun behind the waves and on the right third. I had to try several tries before I got a good wave action. I kept firing and and luckily on one of my shots, I got a good wave action. This is not the biggest wave that crashed that evening but the biggest and sharpest I captured.

From a processing stand-point, the biggest challenge was deciding the WB. I had to strike the right balance between the scene being too warm or too cold. After playing around with the WB for a few minutes, I set on what was appealing to me and how the scene felt to me when I was standing there taking this shot. From there, the processing in LR was pretty straight-forward; just my usual workflow.


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