Mariner’s Guardian!

Location: Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Pescadero
Time: Golden Hour
EXIF: Canon EOS 7D | EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM | 11mm | f/16 | 10s | ISO 100

One of the last shots from the Pigeon Point Lighthouse rendezvous. As I mentioned in my previous posts, where to go when Escaype prediction is good for multiple location is a constant challenge. After a lot of back & forth, we decided to head to Pigeon Point Lighthouse. On the way, we stopped by a couple of other spots, which were more of a scouting spot than anything else. Although, I did manage to get one keeper from Bean Hollow Beach.

We did get to Pigeon Point Lighthouse a bit late. We were debating whether to stay at Bean Hollow Beach or go to Pigeon Point Lighthouse. After we made a decision, it was a scramble to get to Pigeon Point Lighthouse. When we got there, the colors were already popping. The first stop we made wasn’t quite right so we drove to the Lighthouse parking lot and ran to a spot that we thought would be a good starting point.

When we got there, we saw someone trying to get his drone up. I had a feeling it was one of the Escaype members from my group and as guessed it was. We really didn’t have any time to talk to each other. I tried multiple locations and the shots looked pretty decent in the camera LCD but what I have learned is that the damn LCD can never be trusted 🙂

The colors were fading and we decided to head out. But as always, I wanted to get one last shot so I setup my tripod and decided to try a shot that I have wanted to for a while. Ideally, I’d like to execute this shot again when the Sun is in the frame. I have seen similar shots with Sun in the frame so I need to do a bit research to see when that’ll happen.

As for this shot, it was pretty straight-forward. I shot at f/16 to get a deep DOF and used a 10s shutter speed to smooth the water and get wispy clouds. Post Processing was pretty straight-forward as well; just my usual workflow.


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