Alviso Glow!

Location: Alviso Marina County Park, San Jose
Time: Golden Hour
EXIF: Canon EOS 7D | Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5/6 IS STM | 10mm | f/16 | 2s | ISO 100

After I took some shots with the dead tree stump and the driftwood (see post titled “Golden Ray), I decided to walk back towards the parking lot. I wasn’t ready to head out. I saw a good comp on the way in so wanted to go to that spot to see if I can get some shots.

The sky lit up with beautiful colors and light was changing fast. So, I told Sowmya that I will run to the spot but asked her to take her time and walk slowly. She was on the phone with her mom so she was taking her time slowly walking the trail.

When I got there, the sky was gold and the gold colors reflected beautifully in the water. I went down to the shore so I can get a shot from a low vantage point. I put on my ND filter so I can smooth out the water and maximize the reflection. I was moving quite a bit to get different comps. I didn’t know which one would turn out to be keepers but I knew the potential was there.

Insects were everywhere and I started itching everywhere. So, I decided to head up to where Sowmya was. At this point, she was on video chat with her mom and showing her the beautiful Sunset. I was ready to head home but Sowmya told me to get a couple of shots with wildflowers in the foreground. I tried different ideas but felt that the FG was too dark. I haven’t quite processed those photos so not sure if I’ll post any from that series.

Overall, a good day at Alviso Marina County Park.


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