Golden Ray!

Location: Alviso Marina County Park, San Jose
Time: Golden Hour
EXIF: Canon EOS 7D | Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5/6 IS STM | 18mm | f/16 | 1/6s | ISO 100

The things I do for Photography! More importantly, the things I make Sowmya do for my Photography! Last Sunday, we have a fully packed day. We had a baby shower in the afternoon and a birthday party in the late afternoon. We left home around 11:00 and headed to the Baby Shower. Apart from the couple hosting the event, Sowmya & I didn’t know anyone else at the Baby Shower. We spent an hour or so there, had lunch, and then left for the birthday party. Food at the Baby Shower was ok; nothing really to write home about.

It was a pretty hot day and we were worried about the Birthday Party as it was going to be at a Lake Park. Luckily, the area where they gathered was in shade. We spent several hours socializing at the birthday party. Unlike the Baby Shower, we knew almost everyone at the Birthday Party. They were all Sowmya’s cousins/relatives.

So, after almost the entire day out, primarily standing, I asked Sowmya if she was up for a Photo Shoot. Meaning, I wanted to go shoot Sunset somewhere and I asked if she’s ok with it. I knew very well that she was going to say yes. I decided to head to Alviso Marina County Park as I have not been there for a Photo Shoot especially during Golden Hour. I realized after getting to the park that Sowmya had her high-heels on and it was going to be difficult for her to hike. But she was a trooper and told me she’ll be fine.

We started walking and I started taking some test shots. I was looking for some good comp as well. After walking a bit, I found a dead tree stump on shore. I decided to use it as foreground. The entire place stank quite a bit. When I went close to the dead tree stump, thousands of small insects that were sitting on the seashore floor started flying low to the ground. I hesitated for a bit but decided to go close anyway.

There were insects everywhere and some even got to me. I tried shaking them off but I was more worried about composing and getting a shot. I then saw this small driftwood that I wanted to line up with the sun rays. I really didn’t want to touch the driftwood as it was rotten and had lot of insects. I tried to move it using my foot and I was more or less successful. My shoes got completely dirty and wet.

My first thought was to wait till the Sun goes behind the hill so I can get a starburst. I realized that once the Sun goes behind the hill, I will no longer have the rays. So, I decided to fire away a few shots. This is a 3 shot blend merged in LR. The sky turned even more vibrant after the Sun went behind the horizon. But more on that in the next post.


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