Waves at 38000 Feet!

Location: At 38000 Feet above Boston
Time: Sunset
EXIF: Canon EOS 7D | Sigma 17-50mm | 50mm | f/8 | 1/50s | ISO 400

Traveling has been a part of my job for the last 12 years or so. Until a few years back, I used to travel extensively; between 100,000 to 150,000 miles every year. The last few years have been significantly less but I still do travel regularly.

For all those years that I traveled and all those great places I went to, I never really took advantage of the Photography opportunities that it presented. I could have gone to exotic locations every weekend instead of coming back to San Jose. I was single then and it would have been the perfect time to do it.

Well, I wasn’t into Landscape Photography back then. I was more into Fashion/Glamour Photography. I did go on a couple of Fashion shoots in the LA area several years back. Other than that, I really didn’t even consider taking my camera with me on my business trips. I changed that end of last year. I went to Boston for a business meeting and decided to take my camera with me. The Charles River is within stone’s throw from the hotel I stay in. I usually get a room with river view anyway and I have always thought about shooting the Boston Skyline reflecting in the river. I got several good shots in that trip.

When I got the opportunity again this month, I decided to take my camera with me. I didn’t have any time for Photography but I thought I’d shoot from my plane window, which I have never done. I usually pick aisle seats but this time, I picked a window seat. The seat was above wing but I knew I can change that to something up front during check-in because of my status. Unfortunately, I missed the window and I couldn’t move up to the front. I was stuck with the window seat above the wing. Going to Boston, I wasn’t able to get a single decent shot.

When I checked-in for the flight back home, I made sure that I got a window seat. The seat I got was towards the front of the plane but above the engine. That was the best I could do. It was one of those jumbo planes. Half of the flight was empty. I decided to still shoot and try to avoid the engine. It was difficult as I wanted more of the clouds than the sky. I moved a bit within my seat to see if I could change the angle.

After a bit of trial and error, I was able to get this shot. This is a 3 shot HDR blend. I usually shoot at 100 iso but decided to bump it up to 400 as I was shooting this handheld. I loved how there were no breaks in the clouds and it felt like waves. Sunset wasn’t spectacular but the colors were still very nice.


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