Fuzzy Reflections!

Location: Santa Teresa Park, San Jose
Time: Sunrise
EXIF: Canon EOS 7D | Canon EF-s 10-18mm f4.5-5.6 IS STM | 18mm | f/8 | 5s | ISO 100

This was shot during my recent (February) visit to Yosemite National Park to catch the Firefall, which is an amazing natural phenomenon. More on that on my other post titled El Capitan & His Fiery Horsetail. We reached Yosemite right around lunch time. Sowmya had packed some potato sandwiches for us. She thought she was made enough for just breakfast on our way but we had more than enough left for lunch as well.

After eating the delicious sandwiches, we started exploring Yosemite Valley. We stopped at different locations; some well-known but others considered to be part of ‘secret’ location. Nothing really ‘secret’ about it; you just have to explore a bit. After hitting a few of those places, we ended up at the Sentinel Bridge.

This is a very famous photo spot. You can see Half Dome clearly from this bridge and if conditions are right, you can get a perfect reflection. Also, during Sunset, you can get the famous red/pink/orange headed Half Dome. When I was in Yosemite last year during Spring, I happened to be near Sentinel Bridge and watched the setting Sun hit Half Dome. It was spectacular.

This time around, I shot this during mid-day. I took a couple of shots hand-held but didn’t like the rough waters. Merced River was flowing pretty rapidly. I then went to the car, got my ND filters and put on a 6 stop ND filter. I was able to smooth out the running water. I liked how the reflections turned out.


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