Alone but not Lonely!

Location: Santa Teresa Park, San Jose
Time: Sunrise
EXIF: Canon EOS 7D | EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM | 28mm | f/8 | 1/500s | ISO 100

I am now part of the Escapye community. I didn’t expect to get in but to my surprise, my application was accepted right away. Being part of the Escaype community means I get weather forecast specific for Photography. Meaning, what areas will have good cloud coverage, what parts of the clouds will light up, how much burn will be in the sky, and so on. The forecast showed high potential for San Jose.

So, I decided to go to Santa Teresa Park, which is just about 10 minutes from home. Santa Teresa Park is located in the Santa Teresa Hills and offers spectacular views from its trails above the Almaden and Santa Clara Valleys. I thought the high vantage point and the wide-open landscape will be good for Sunrise.

When I got to the location, I started hiking up a trail and I really didn’t find any good composition. I did see this beautiful lone tree (Oak, I think) atop a hill but didn’t really know how to get there. I also saw a fallen tree atop another small hill. There was no easy way to get to this fallen tree as well but I decided to just go off trail. Grass was knee high and there was lot of dew and water. So, as usual, my shoes and socks got wet. I went up to the Fallen Tree and used it as my Foreground to shoot the rising sun in the background. Colors were very good.

I just stood there firing away dozens of shots. I should have moved around a bit but since I was in a precarious location, I really didn’t want to move and the colors were fading fast. Unfortunately, none of the shots from this location turned out good. The fallen tree is more of a distraction with lot of branches than anything else.

I really wanted to go to the large beautiful oak tree but didn’t have time. But on the way out of the park, I saw the moon setting behind this beautiful tree. So, I setup my tripod and took a couple of shots right from the trail. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out.

Once I got back home, as suspected, none of the fallen tree shots worked out. I wasn’t able to salvage anything. I tried processing the moonset behind the tree a couple of different ways but didn’t really like anything that much. Then I tried B&W and I loved it. So, I did a little bit of dodging and burning and the final result turned out well.

Not at all what I had in mind but one of the shots that I took while exiting the park turned out to be a keeper. From the moment I parked my car and started hiking the trail, I didn’t see anyone else in the park. It was just me. Even though I was alone, I didn’t feel lonely at all. Sometimes, you just need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your time being yourself and enjoying the moment.


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