Week 3 – Panorama

One location that I have been meaning to go for a long time was the Sierra Open Preserve. I have been there long time back with a couple of friends but I didn’t have my camera with me nor was I into Landscape Photography during that time. Ever since I got into Landscape Photography, this has been one of those spots that within striking distance but I never got an opportunity to go. Without traffic, it’s about 20 minutes from home.

Finally, we decided to head to Sierra Open Preserve as the conditions for Sunset was predicted to be good. When we got there, we started walking one of the trails to get to this lone tree atop a hill. The hike was pretty easy. When we got there, the wide sweeping views of green rolling hills were definitely worth the trip.

I remembered that Panorama was one of the challenges on this 52 Week Landscape Composition Photo Challenge. The landscape in front of me was calling for a Panorama. I had my tripod with me but decided to do hand-held as it gave me more freedom to be in a spot that was difficult to setup my tripod.

I took 7 shots in portrait orientation trying to cover as much landscape as I could. When I came back home and merged the first 7 shots, I realized that the setting Sun that I included in the first 2 shots was actually distracting. I did process that 7 shot Pano but decided not use that shot. I had a 2nd set of 7 shots but this time I decided to skip the first 2 and go with a 5 shot Pano. Even with 5 shots, I had to crop a bit to avoid distractions.

This is a 5 shot blend of the photos that I took hand-help and merged in Lightroom.



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