Week 24 – Artistic: Sparkle!


Here’s Week 24 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 14 is Artistic; specifically, Sparkle. The goal was to shoot something that sparkles. For this week’s challenge, I decided to use one of my first attempts at Light Painting with steel wool. Sowmya and I decided to head to Walton Lighthouse in Santa Cruz to spend the afternoon. We spend a little time at the beach in the late afternoon and decided to head to the Lighthouse for sunset. We parked in the wrong place so we ended up walking a long way to get to the Lighthouse. Oh, Sowmya was limping as she took a tumble in the beach. How she managed to do that, I have no idea. She was scratched and bruised but luckily nothing broke.

Anyways, we went to the Lighthouse and we both were walking up and down taking photos. I saw a bunch of Photographers there. Sowmya asked me to talk to them but I didn’t want to. Thank god for Sowmya’s insistence though. I talked to one of the guys who spoke Tamil. We chatted for a few minutes and he mentioned a few of them are there for Light Painting. I had no idea what they were planning. While I was walking out of the Lighthouse, one of the guys asked if I wanted to stay and try to shoot Light Painting. They didn’t have to ask me twice.

We ended up staying very late and I got introduced to the world of Light Painting and Steel Wool. We used the Walton Lighthouse as the backdrop and one of the Photographers did his thing with Steel Wool. We ended up with some decent shots. Here’s one of them.

Thanks to Sowmya’s insistence, I am now part of a Photography Meetup group and I have been on several Photography trips made new friends, and have improved my Photography significantly. I was supposedly the 5th person to join the group and we are now over 15 Photographers in the group.


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