Week 17 – Landscape: Urbanscape


Here’s Week 17 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 17 is Landscape; specifically, Urbanscape. The goal was to find the beauty of Urbanscape/Cityscape.

In the first 7 years or so of working for Pega, I probably visited our Cambridge headquarters about half a dozen times, including my interview. However, after taking on the Consulting Management role, I have been traveling there at least once a quarter if not more. Our office in Cambridge is in pristine location – very close to Harvard, MIT, Charles River, etc. The hotels I stay in are stone throw away from Charles River. I have been meaning to take my camera with me during one of my visits but every time I visit Cambridge, I am booked from 7:30 in the morning to midnight or later. The opportunity presented itself during my last visit. My meeting on Tuesday was scheduled to start around noon and I was flying in Monday night. I also decided to stay one additional day to do some photo shoot.

I land in Boston a bit late. I grab a quick bite to eat and head to the river trail. The tripod I carried was not good at all. I did what I could with it that night. I also woke up early in the morning to shoot the sunrise. Here’s one of my shots from Cambridge; the Boston Skyline with the Longfellow bridge int he middle-ground, and Charles River in the foreground.


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