Week 17 – Landscape: Urbanscape


Here’s Week 17 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 17 is Landscape; specifically, Urbanscape. The goal was to find the beauty of Urbanscape/Cityscape.

In the first 7 years or so of working for Pega, I probably visited our Cambridge headquarters about half a dozen times, including my interview. However, after taking on the Consulting Management role, I have been traveling there at least once a quarter if not more. Our office in Cambridge is in pristine location – very close to Harvard, MIT, Charles River, etc. The hotels I stay in are stone throw away from Charles River. I have been meaning to take my camera with me during one of my visits but every time I visit Cambridge, I am booked from 7:30 in the morning to midnight or later. The opportunity presented itself during my last visit. My meeting on Tuesday was scheduled to start around noon and I was flying in Monday night. I also decided to stay one additional day to do some photo shoot.

I land in Boston a bit late. I grab a quick bite to eat and head to the river trail. The tripod I carried was not good at all. I did what I could with it that night. I also woke up early in the morning to shoot the sunrise. Here’s one of my shots from Cambridge; the Boston Skyline with the Longfellow bridge int he middle-ground, and Charles River in the foreground.


Week 16 – Portrait: Movement


Here’s Week 16 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 16 is Portrait; specifically, Movement. I decided to use another shot a dancing lady that I took during my trip to Disney Land a couple of years back. I asked Sowmya to help me process this in Photoshop and she was happy to do it. I’ll use this photo for now but I may change it to something else if I shoot something better or find something from my archives that’s better. To be honest, I haven’t done a whole lot of portraits with movement expect the jumping ones. I should try some shots of people dancing, twirling, or even doing hair flips.

Week 15 – Artistic: Metal

Version 1.0

Here’s Week 15 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 15 is Artistic; specifically, Metal. What I wanted to do for this challenge is go find a junk yard or an old rustic manufacturing plant or something like that. I haven’t been able to do that quite yet. I may do it in the coming weeks depending on my time and if I am able to find such a spot that’ll allow me to shoot. While reviewing my photos from the past, I came across this photo that I took in Disney Land a couple of years back. The photo is of the infamous Mater Tow Truck. I though it fit the challenge of artistic metal. I may change this to another photo but this is what I have decided to use for this challenge; at least for now.

Version 2.0

Here’s Week 15 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 15 is Artistic; specifically, Metal. For this week’s challenge, I decided to use one of the shots that I took at the recent Santa Clara County Fair; specifically, at the Demolition Derby. Going to the County Fair has become a tradition of sorts. Since Sowmya and I got married, we have been going to the County Fair every year and we take a photo at the Fair. The photo is printed on a giant button. The Fair so far has fallen during my birthday weekend. We’ll see if this tradition continues.

This is the infamous car #6 that won every leg it participated in as well as the finale. The driver was simply superb. I thought this was a good representation of this week’s challenge – Metal. After the Derby, this car is nothing more than Metal anyways 🙂

Week 14: Landscape: Zoomed In


Here’s Week 14 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 14 is Landscape; specifically, to try an alternative and zoom-in instead of most landscapes which are wide sweeping images. Here’s another photo from the Yosemite series. This is a zoomed-in photo of the majestic El Captain. This was shot during golden hour; right before we left the park to drive back home. We stopped to take a few photos and I saw a couple in the middle of field with their telescope focused on El Capitan. I was curious as to what they were seeing; I wasn’t sure if it was a bird or a rock-climber. So I approached the couple and asked what they were looking at and they confirmed that they spotted a rock-climber. The guy asked if I wanted to take a look and I jumped at the opportunity.

We lost the rock-climber from the telescope but the guy was able to find the climber within seconds. I was blown away. Just one guy climbing the majestic El Capitan, which the granite monolith. We couldn’t see him with our naked eye or our camera zoomed all the way in. He must have been pretty high up.

Anyways, I took a bunch of photos of El Capitan; some wide angle and some zoomed in. For this zoomed-in shot, I decided to stick with the Ansel Adams theme and process it in B&W. I loved the way the photo turned out.