Week 8 – Landscape: Wide Angle/Panorama


Here’s Week 8 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 8 is Landscape; specifically, wide angle/panorama. The goal was to explore panorama stitching and create a wide sweeping landscape. Sowmya and I finished early dinner one Sunday and decided to check out Santa Teresa Park. I really didn’t know what to expect but decided to check it out. This park is basically on the other side of a golf course that I have been to frequently but I have never been to this park. This park is huge! There are lots of walking/hiking trails. Definitely a place that we’ll go often to take in the view and hike.

I went to one end of the park and found a great landscape and the sun was setting in the background. I took some HDR shots, which turned out great. I then decided to try panorama shot, which I have never tried before. I didn’t have my tripod with me so decide to shoot handheld. I came back home and stitched photos in Photoshop. I thought it turned out great.


Week 7 – Portrait: Faceless


Here’s Week 7 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 7 is portrait; specifically, faceless portrait. This was a strange challenge. A Portrait by definition is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. So, when I saw Faceless Portrait as this week’s challenge, I was a bit taken aback.

Anyways, Sowmya’s brother & family visited us early April for their kid’s spring break. We decided to go on a road trip to cover multiple national parks. One of the national parks I we visited for Yosemite, which is one of my favorite places on earth. Before heading to Yosemite, I watched a bunch of tutorials on taking photos in Yosemite and how to process them. I found a 4 hour workshop from Ansel Adams Academy that I want to go for.

I took a bunch of shots and a few turned out quite well. You’ll see those photos in upcoming posts. For this week’s challenge, I decided to take photo of this lady sitting on a fallen tree and enjoying the environment. She looked so peaceful and I decided to use trees as frame and I thought it turned out well.

Week 5 – Landscape: Black & White


Here’s Week 5 of the 52-week Photo Challenge. The challenge for week 5 is Landscape; specifically, Black & White. For this one, I decided to use one of the shots I took at Valley of Fire. Sowmya and I spent a week in Vegas in 2014 for our anniversary. We decided to spend nights in Vegas and use daytime to go outside Vegas to see different places – Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, etc. This worked out great! During our visit to Valley of Fire, I took this shot from the middle of the road, and the road led to this mountain that looked like it was on fire. The entire valley was so beautiful! The photo had a lot of color but I tried to process it in B&W to see how it’ll look and I liked it a lot.